Las Vegas – February 2012



It had been over 5 years since I had been to Vegas. As your plane passes of over Las Vegas Boulevard, showing Vegas in all its lit up glory, you are hooked. It still gave me the same buzz it had the last time I was there. The glow of the lights starts to draw you in, you can feel the excitement emanating from the city. Once off the plane, you see the first off many chiming slot machines; the sound you get used to almost immediately. Not much has changed; but, at the same time so much had changed. Hotels were being renovated, old ones torn down and new ones built. The Tropicana, Stratosphere and Excalibur had been remodelled and the Sahara was closed. Such an unbelievable place to be.


We stayed at the Circus Circus this time round, which is on the very end of the strip. Its an old hotel but the Rooms have been updated and look great. The rest of the hotel still needs to be modernized; but, it looks like they are in the process of doing that. It would be a great place to stay for families on a budget, as there is an amusement park, gaming zone and free shows running all day long. The next time I go I would prefer a hotel that was more up to date and had a better pool area.

We spent our days roaming the strip and Geo Caching. If you haven’t tried Geo Caching, look it up and learn. It’s a very fun game, that is played world wide and all you need is a hand help GPS, other than that there are no extra costs involved. You can be hunting for treasures all over the world; in your hometown, or on your latest holiday. Getting around on the strip was easy, we would buy a $7 bus pass, that was good for 24 hours. We went to the outlet mall a couple of times, moseyed our way through the M&M store, explored Siegfried and Roy’s Zoo. Hopping on and off the bus as we pleased; there are endless possibilities.

In the evenings we took advantage of the lower prices down on Freemont street, usually hitting up a buffet for dinner. There were so many things to stop and look at, we were never bored. We even came across the Heart Attack Grill, that offered people who were 350 pounds or more to eat for free! They advertised Single to Quadruple Bi-Pass Burgers and The Worlds Highest Fat Content Shake; unbelievable. We took in a Cirque De Soleil show, Mystere. It was so amazing, I don’t think these guys are capable of putting on a bad show. We also saw the Volcano erupt at the Mirage, and the Pirate Show at Treasure Island. But, my favourite, was the water show at the Bellagio, so beautiful!

Las Vegas is a very interesting place to visit, you seem to never get tired. It must be because there are no windows, no clocks and the lights are so bright that it almost seems like daytime, all the time. We did so much walking, that on day 5 my feet were swollen! Make sure you bring comfortable walking shoes, I cannot stress this enough! There is so much to see and do, you don’t want to miss anything because of blistered feet. From the time you land, until the time you leave, you are on the go. Always hustling and bustling, this city truly never sleeps.