Trip to Kenya


Jambo (Hello)Swahili.  Kenya,  this is a place where warriors and wildlife walk together.  This Trip was a dream come true for me….

After our first night in Nairobi our guides picked us up at our hotel   and we headed south to Amboseli National Park. Despite its dry and dusty feel

the area has water that is filtered through volcanic rock and mountains ice cap.  I saw herds of elephants as well as Zebra, Wildebeest, Giraffe, Impala, Lion and leopard.













This was such a great area as we could travel off road and get up close to all the wildlife.  In the evenning we would go for night drives.  The spotlights would come on searching for the reflection of eyes in the darkness. The guides always had the coolers stocked and we would stop and have an evening Sundowner before heading back to camp. 

From our camp in Amboseli we hiked  into a  Mara Village.  Halfway to the village our Mara warriors had a spear thowing contest. It was great to watch the way they would tease each other.  When we reached the village we were greeted by the elders and children.  The Village was small with barb tree branches all around it.






Mud huts with nothing but mats on the dirt floor and maybe one clay pot to cook in.

The children played while the mothers were busy doing bead work on bracelets and necklaces.

Men laughed and played the jumping game which is done to impress the women.  Too soon it was time to head back to our camp and get ready for another adventure in the wild. 

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