Machu Picchu – August 2013


Machu Picchu  – August 3-10, 2013 – submitted by Horizon Travel client, Keith Burton.


My trip was August 3-10, 2013 and the weather was great.

This is a view of Machu Picchu ruins and
Wayna Picchu. Taken from elevated area to left side of
ruins after going through entrance. 10-15 min. walk to
get to this point.


IMG_2788Second example of ruins and Wayna Picchu.



IMG_2840A view of Machu
Picchu from the top of Wayna Picchu noting road access
to entrance to the left. This road access is only
available to local buses and those that choose to walk
from the town of Machu Picchu to the entrance of the
ruins. In a number of spots, road is not very wide
meaning oncoming buses have to pull over as far as they
can. Cliff on one side of road makes drive a little



~~This is a view looking down from the top of Wayna Picchu.  It looks down on a viewpoint located further down the mountain.  The ruins of Machu Picchu cannot be seen in this picture but they would be located to the right of the picture and in the valley below.

NOTE: Even though it can be a scary hike going up and down the mountain, many people from young to old, want to make this climb.  Very important to remember, that if you want to climb Wayna Picchu, you must get the required permit from the government office in advance.  I would say 3 months in advance.  Hike times are 200 people at 7am and 200 people at 10am.
 They only sell 400 tickets per day to climb Wayna Picchu vs. the 2500 per day they sell for assess to the site only.  The 400 tickets per day includes access to the ruins and to the climb of Wayna Picchu.
 Hike time depends on one's fitness – anywhere from 45 minutes or more.
 It is well worth it!!





One of the many wonders in the area generally and in
particular at a place called "Saqsaywaman" are the
rocks. No one has a real answer how they actually got
to where they are located nor how they were put in
place. It is amazing how huge each of these rocks is
and how close together these rocks fit. Very little
gap between them. As well they are not rectangular in
shape with equal vertical or horizontal sides. Some of
the rocks have been chipped out in locations for the
rocks to fit better. Someone knew what they were
doing. Some locals say it was aliens, but no one knows
for sure.
In this picture, the large rocks are from the Inca
times and the smaller rocks (high and left) are more
recent and put in place to fill a gap.
What do you think?


– Images and opions submitted by Keith Burton